About the Edinburgh Royal Mile Painting.

William Highet.
image Retired architect William Highet completed his painting of the South Side of the Royal Mile in 2003. Immaculate in detail and in six panels, the work which measures approximately 9 metres long took two and a half years to complete. It is an impressive testament to his architectural expertise and his artistic flair. Edinburgh's City Art Centre has purchased the original painting for the city. Signed Giclee prints are available to buy.

Beginning in November 1999 the artist spent more than 2 years producing the finished work regularly visiting the Royal Mile, part of Edinburghs Famous World Heritage Site,and working on initial sketches, a series of outline measured studies and final hand drawn finished and painted panels.

The completed paintings in 6 panels approximately 30 feet long, represent almost exactly one half mile of the Royal Mile from St.Marys Street (the Netherbow Gate ) to the western end of Castlehill and the Esplanade.The work was completed in May 2003.Included in this half mile section are St.Giles,the Tron Kirk,the Mercat Cross,the original Parliament Square.and St.Johns now the Hub.

The six panels have been purchased by Edinburgh City Council to be held in the Archives in the City Art Centre where they have been exhibited and will be available for future exhibitions.

They are featured in the recent publication " A Capital View" the Art of Edinburgh featuring 100 Artworks from the City Collection. Quality Giclee Prints of this fabulous panoramic view are available to purchase in a variety of sizes ,printed on heavy art paper or quality canvas.A short history of the buildings is included.